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Borrow My Doggy

Borrow My Doggy has over 300,000 members who are located all across the country – from the Shetland Islands in the north and Jersey in the south to Limerick in the west and Great Yarmouth in the east and absolutely everywhere in between.

Our aim is to leave ‘Pawprints of Happiness’ on the lives of dogs and people by building local communities where dog lovers help out simply because they love dogs, not to get paid.

  • The dog gets extra walks, affection and ear ruffles
  • The owner has peace of mind knowing their dog is well taken care of by another dog-lover
  • The borrowers enjoy some happy dog time

The BorrowMyDoggy idea was born in 2012 when BorrowMyDoggy’s founder, Rikke, took care of a neighbour’s chocolate Labrador, Aston. Instead of spending the day stuck indoors, Aston enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at the park, attended a garden party, and met some new friends.

Rikke soon realised lots of dog owners could use a helping paw looking after their dog from time to time. Instead of using a dog walker, kennel services, or the dog being home alone, there are thousands of trusted dog lovers who, just like Rikke, would love to take care of a dog for free simply because they love dogs.