What We Offer

Entrepreneurs starting out on the challenging road of scaling their business need more than just capital – they also need advice and mentoring. Richard and Jonathan are offering investee companies both capital, and their shared knowledge and business-building experience. They have backed 15 early stage companies since 2015, with more in the pipeline.

Proactive mentoring and advice

Three decades of successfully scaling Business Monitor International across five continents has given Richard and Jonathan a uniquely broad skills set with which to proactively mentor and advise investee companies.

Investees can expect the following depth of experience and range of skills from Sevenex:

  • How to survive and prosper from a raw start-up to a thriving small business
  • How to scale from 2 to10 to 100 employees, without losing your bottom line
  • Creating a high-calibre senior management team, and winning stakeholder culture
  • Orchestrating all routes to market (direct sales, digital marketing, social media, PR)
  • Technology-enablement to power product development, sales and workflow solutions
  • Ceaseless iteration of the product stable and business model to stay ahead
  • Preparing and executing on a highly successful exit