About Sevenex

Sevenex Capital Partners was set up by in 2015 by Richard Londesborough and Jonathan Feroze to provide seed, early stage and follow-on equity financing to ambitious entrepreneurs seeking to scale their businesses in the UK and across global markets, and achieve highly successful exits.

Sevenex’s investment approach is inspired by a unique 30-year business partnership, during which Richard and Jonathan successfully set up and built a leading B2B information franchise, Business Monitor International (now known as BMI Research). Their company grew from a 2-person kitchen table start-up, with just £50,000 capital, to a 300-staff multinational with clients in more than 140 countries.

Their founding angel investor achieved an extraordinary 275X multiple on exit when BMI was sold in 2014, after a very competitive bidding process.

Richard and Jonathan together share an enviable depth of experience in all key business-building areas, including product development, client engagement, human resources, external funding and, above all, sales and marketing across global markets.

Proven business experience and expertise

  • Broad business savvy, advice and mentoring to the management team
  • Experience of all developmental stages, from start-up to mid-size to global player
  • Deep experience in marketing, sales and account management
  • Breaking into international markets
  • Creativity to drive product launches, development, and reinvention
  • Strong strategic sense, plus hands-on operational experience
  • Boardroom expertise: working with entrepreneurs, angels, private equity and strategics