What we offer

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Significant private capital

Sevenex is a private capital partnership able to make first round investments of between £75,000 and £250,000. We are fully committed to follow on investments where merited, while always aiming to leave the investee company as majority owner. In addition to acting as sole investors, we also participate in investment syndicates and venture capital.

Proactive mentoring and advice

Three decades of successfully scaling Business Monitor International across five continents has given Richard and Jonathan a uniquely broad skills set with which to proactively mentor and advise investee companies. Sevenex seeks to provide entrepreneurs not just with the capital they need to scale their businesses, but the experience and expertise they will also need to avoid pitfalls along the way that threaten to damage their companies, and destroy their dreams.

Proven business experience and expertise

Richard and Jonathan together share an enviable depth of experience in all key business-building areas, including technology enablement, product development, human resources, external funding and, above all, sales and marketing across global markets. We have particularly strong experience of building sales teams and market share in developing and frontier markets across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Broad business savvy, advice and mentoring to the management team
  • Experience of all developmental stages, from start-up to mid-size to leading global player
  • How to break into international markets, with deep experience of marketing, sales and account management
  • How to build high-performing, blended on/offshore technology teams
  • Creativity to drive product launches, development and reinvention
  • Strong strategic sense, plus hands-on operational experience
  • Boardroom expertise gained through working with both private equity and strategics