After meeting at a famous London West End hotel, Chef Daniel Garcia and Elias Dayub discovered a common passion for fine desserts. This took them on a fantastic journey to create an incredible range of handmade patisseries.

Combining over 12 years of experience and a lifetime of passion, L’Orchidée was created.

At L’orchidée we are passionate about delivering quality over the highest expectation. We offer you an amazing range of our highly fashionable, yet classic French Macarons, Cakes and Desserts which by their simplicity, elegance and delicacy make the perfect gift for every occasion.

Our products are freshly handmade using only the finest ingredients, from seasonal organic British strawberries, Venezuelan chocolate, bourbon vanilla to the greenest pistachios you could find.

We are also pleased to now offer a wide range of Macarons cakes and by consultation for weddings, other special occasions. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.