StepJockey is a private limited company dedicated to encouraging workplace wellness and physical activity.

We aim to label the world for calorie burn – starting with its stairs.

The company was seed-funded by the UK Department of Health via the Small Business Research Initiative (now Innovate UK) to help combat sedentary behaviour. We are now backed by private investors and have a growing portfolio of corporate and public sector clients in the UK and overseas.

StepJockey is committed to providing objective and trustworthy information on all aspects of health and wellness. We are an evidence-based business and are firmly focused on a ‘small steps’ approach to improved health – the key to sustainable behaviour change.

We do this by providing a tested system for sign-posting and then gamifying the stairs of multi-storey buildings for calorie burn and health. It’s a ‘plug and play’ wellness solution that fits seamlessly with most corporate wellness strategies.

StepJockey differs from most other corporate wellness programs in that it is specifically designed to engage the ‘whole office’ and not just the healthy-minded minority.

This is important because the potential gains to be made in workplace wellness are almost entirely dependent on organisations engaging those who are often hardest to reach.

Our Smart Signs provide that behavioural prompt in client buildings to great affect. They also provide a network through which our clients can ‘gamify’ health across their buildings using our popular stair climbing Challenges.

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