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Sevenex will consider investments in UK-based companies across a broad range of sectors, including media, digital, retail and technology. Principal characteristics we are looking for in investee companies include:

  • UK-based, early stage companies that demonstrate signs of commercial traction and potential to scale up rapidly
  • Committed, passionate, energetic entrepreneurs, and capable management teams
  • Defendable, properly thought through business plans
  • Products or services which squarely address a proven market need or gap

In turn, investees can expect the following depth of experience and range of skills from Sevenex:

  • How to survive and prosper from a raw start-up to a thriving small business
  • How to scale from 10 to 50 to 100 to 300 employees, without losing your bottom line
  • Creating a high-calibre senior management team, and winning stakeholder culture
  • Going global in developed, emerging and frontier markets in Asia, EMEA and the Americas
  • Orchestrating all routes to market (direct sales, digital marketing, social media, PR)
  • Technology-enablement to power product development, sales and workflow solutions
  • Ceaseless iteration of the product stable and business model to stay ahead
  • Attracting investment via angels, private equity or VCs
  • Preparing and executing on a highly successful exit